We donate a percentage of our profits to charities around the world. Here is a few of the charities and causes we support.


Women’s Rights.

The denial of women’s and girls’ rights is one of the biggest causes of poverty worldwide, and a grave injustice.

All over the world women and girls have less social, economic and political power, which can lead to their human rights being denied. Gender inequality is the root cause of women’s rights abuses.

1 in 10 women around the world first experienced street harassment before the age of 10, 24% the amount less that women get paid globally on average than men, 5 women every hour die as a result of domestic violence , 70m girls are married before the age of 18, often against their will we demand action and change from those in power at local, national and international levels, always fighting for the rights of those without a voice.



The mission: To protect human well-being by ensuring healthy oceans, fresh water, and a stable climate.

Why it stands out: Through its fieldwork in more than 40 countries, this charity studies how economic and human development affect natural habitats—including tropical rainforests, grasslands, watersheds, and the sea. Based on the findings, the group works with local, national, and global governing bodies to influence policy and increase awareness. In Brazil, for example, its researchers have been able to demonstrate that the marine-protected areas (including no-fishing zones) in local waters have been beneficial to marine life and to fishermen and the local tourism industry.

Our donation at work: A £10 donation helps protect an acre of tropical rainforest.



The protection of wild animals is an urgent, global issue.

Whether farmed for meat and by-products, or caught up in the illegal wildlife trade, many wild animals face the threat of extinction. Other wild animals are exploited for entertainment in blood sports like bear baiting and bullfighting.

This charity works to protect these wild animals from exploitation and fights to keep them in the wild where they belong.